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Patterns and drivers of alpha and beta diversity in plant communities: an old, but still insufficiently understood topic
Plant community assembly: niche-based vs. neutral processes and the role of species pools
Plant traits: towards an understanding of the functional diversity of plant communities
Phylogenetic community structure: merging vegetation ecology with phylogenetic research
Vegetation survey: towards the broad-scale synthesis of local vegetation classifications
Large time scales: past vegetation change, effects of historical processes on current vegetation and modern analogues of past ecosystems
Patterns of vegetation change across landscapes: which drivers are important in which contexts?
Community invasibility: plant invasions as broad-scale biogeographical experiments
Data sources for broad-scale vegetation studies: can we use composite sets of data originally sampled for other purposes on fine scales?
Vegetation in macroecological modelling: what insights can be obtained from models if broad-scale experiments are not feasible?
Vegetation science serving nature conservation

Special sessions
Global change and vegetation dynamics: the use of historical data sets
Urban vegetation
Long-term perspectives on vegetation change
The relevance of 'dark diversity' for theoretical and applied ecology
Old wine in new bottles: trait-based understanding of plant responses to disturbance
Integration of evolutionary processes into invasion studies
Species and plant community responses along soil gradients
Vegetation patterns, processes and dynamics of timberlines
Remote sensing for vegetation science

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