Oral presentations

A computer and data projector will be available for oral presentations. Presentations should be prepared in MS PowerPoint (any version) or PDF format. Our computers will use the MS Windows operating system; if you use other operating system, please make sure that your presentation works under Windows. The file name format should be lastname_firstname of the presenting author. Please bring your presentation to our technical staff before the beginning of the first morning session of the day of your presentation.
The length of the standard oral presentation is 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Please do not use the time allocated for discussion to finish your talk.


Bring printed posters, size up to 84 cm (width) and 119 cm (height) (A0 format), which will be installed using a double-sided tape provided at the symposium registration. Each poster can be displayed during the whole symposium. Please refer to the symposium programme for the poster board code assigned to you. Please use only the board with this code.
In addition to the printed poster, you can optionally display your poster also on the electronic touch screens that will be available in the Hotel Voroněž I lobby in front of the conference halls. If you are interested in this option, upload a PDF version of your poster to a web depository (name format: lastname_firstname.pdf) and send a link to conference@ta-service.cz. Please do not send large PDF files by e-mail.

Lightning talks

Participants presenting a poster can optionally give a one-minute plenary "lightning talk", in which you come on stage, introduce yourself, and present basic information about your poster. You are not expected to provide details, but you should tell the audience what is interesting about your study and motivate them to attend the poster. You can show one slide on screen, which will advance automatically after one minute. This slide should include your name, poster title and 1–3 pictures or graphs showing the main message of the poster.

Symposium language: English